tattoo studio Synchronicity タトゥースタジオ シンクロニシティ

about us

Here at Synchronicity Tattoo Studio we strive to spark your imagination and help you brainstorm ideas.
I connect the past and future by combining established traditional and new experimental designs in my work.
Through the art of tattooing we aim to contribute to improve the daily lives of our clients and a culturally richer society overall.

Our artists are versatile, talented, and experienced in all styles of tattooing. The styles we specialize in include: Traditional Japanese, Neo-Japanese, Realistic, Old-School, Neo-Traditional, biomecha, Water color, Black and Gray, Tribal, and Lettering.
Our artists will do designs you bring in, and will work with you on custom designs, cover-ups, coin size of one point tattoo and your halfway tattoo.

Our mission is to help you appreciate and enjoy the art of tattoo.
Please come and experience the art of tattoo first-hand, come in and see our latest tattoos.

about us

[ Artist / owner ]

I started tattoo since 2000 and have been challenge tattoo in various styles.
My favorite styles are realistic, neo-Japanese, trash polka, space tattoos, flower tattoos, water colors, and abstract.etc. It is also possible to mix them. Please tell me your wishes.

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synchronicity studio
  • SYNCHRONICITYinternational tattoo studio
  • Opening hour 営業時間
    12:00 〜 20:00  Tuesday close   火曜定休
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  • Address
    Nakaza bldg. 203, kitamae1-17-9, Chatan-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa-ken, 904-0117, JAPAN
How to order
Please talk about a design and reservation day from Tell or contact form or Instagram.
When making a reservation, necessary to present an identification card with a face picture (license, passport, Juki card etc.) that can confirm the age.
In addition to cash, auPAY and Paypal are available for payment.
Health control
Needle, ink, ink cap, and gloves are all disposable.
All other appliances use are processed in an atultrasonic cleaner and an Autoclave.
  • Allergies, Chronic Diseases, Infectious Diseases, etc. should always be declared in advance.
  • We will refuse tattoo for those under the age of 18.
  • If your skin is sunburned and condition is not good, we may postpone the procedure.
  • Please refrain from drinking the day before the reservation day and on the day (after the operation).
  • The day of operation, Please take a good sleep and prepare for your physical condition before you visit us.
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